I am an aspiring Software Architect who loves to learn and experiment with different topics.


I have worked in & built large scale systems for different domains:

  • Physics Simulation Models
  • Ad Tech
  • E-Commerce




  • Scala
  • Python
  • Golang

  1. Deep dive into concurrency, parallelism & how Functional Programming leverages it. 

  2. Goroutines are amazing - They work across multiple cores and spawn multitude of threads. The talk will cover Lifecycle of a Go binary GIL (or lack thereof), Green Threads, event loops and Coroutines as well as goroutine gotchas. 

  3. Operating System & Programming Languages - Who hasn’t dreamt of building one? However we never hear people talk about wanting to build a File System. In this talk, I want go through the basic concepts one might need to understand to implement a File System on their own. 

  4. Are you interested to learn about how to use goroutines & channels? Want to learn how concurrency patterns are used in Go? This book is your goto for deep dive into these topics.