Thoughts on changing programming languages

In general people like to say that one should not be bound to any particular language and instead should be able to switch languages as and when required. However it is also common to see that programmers, especially those with many years of experience, loathe this concept.

We tend to dismiss this by saying that they are set in their ways and that they are being stubborn & don't want to make the effort. However that might not be true in all cases, what a younger developer tends to not understand is that a veteran developer has spent an insurmountable amount of time understanding and mastering their craft. They have gained command over their tools of trade that allows them to bend the world to their will. Indeed it is a frightening thought to ask someone to abandon their previous knowledge and start from the beginning because they will always be conscious of the vast disparity between their skills of the old and the skill level they have now.

To a developer who still hasn't learned more than a few techniques, this is of little consequence. However, this becomes a very painful handicap for those who lose a lot by making such a transition.

~ 5th May, 1:25AM