Art of "Sit Down & Write"

Ever been afraid to start? Maybe to start writing or working out or drawing or painting. Ever been stuck because you have no idea where to begin? I know I have been there and hated it.

I published a technical book and when I met a friend afterwards, he asked me for my writing process - inspiration, rituals, how I kept myself going etc.

I tried not to be rude but best I could manage was to answer, "You sit down and write."

He was not pleased, to say the least, but that's the truth...

You sit down and write.

There is nothing new here. If you have ever read any book on creativity, you will have read this same message a million times and rolled your eyes. It's easy for you to say! You don't know how hard it is for me to muster the strength and put myself into it.

Unfortunately I think this is one of those basic truths that no one wants to hear nor acknowledge.

Hear me out...

  • I wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument but never had a chance as a kid. Finally I decided to commit to it and lo & behold, improv music jam is my thing.

  • I was never good at drawing. I got annoyed at one point and decided to just start copying images. Turns out, you can learn a lot on your own if you give it time and focus. You might not perfect it but that's not the goal here.

  • I had no idea how to Journal and I still don't. Every person I hear talk about it has a different version of it. But there was a lot of stuff I had to deal with and so, I started writing. I went to a shop and bought a nice set of fountain pen & Journal1. I vaguely knew what I wanted and bought the first thing that caught my eye3.

Here's something important to remember

If you don't take your needs seriously no one else will.

Be intentional and be deliberate with your actions and you will find a way to make it work2.

Does this mean I can do everything in my life now?

Hell No!

Right now I am stuck in a slump myself. Been ages since I drew anything and my writing has been suffering.

However I have learned to not beat myself over it. It's important to understand such slumps are normal.


The key lies in recognizing that such high productivity states are not permanent but they come and go.

Think of it as phases or seasons of life.

  1. I actually bought Lechtturm Bullet Journal but ended up using it as a regular journal with my own system. Turns out, organically coming up with your own system works better than using someone else's system that requires you to learn the process. 

  2. I am not saying world will bend over backwards to make things happen for it won't. There is a more realistic way things can work out if you are being mindful about it. 

  3. With reasonable budget.